Omahops Apri; 2013  Big Brew

Once again let me start with a thank you to everyone. When you all jump in to help plan and implement, it it just is easy to co-ordinate things.
the beer looks good and came out close to predicted numbers so i am hopeful.

We will have to spend some money on a chiller again.  The counter flow suffered some damage over the winter from residual water bursting some copper.  Did the same thing myself a couple years ago.  Elliot is going to inspect and decide if it is repairable. We used a nifty plate chiller of Kents that worked well  but needs ultra fine hop bags that might affect our hop utilization plans. . will get some facts then we can decide.

Hops- Kent: I owe you for the Magnums, can't believe i spaced ours. Can send you the lb. we have stashed or pay you and have you keep the other 1/2 lb for another occasion.
Was nice to meet your metalworker friend. We are a bit ahead on club funds, can you ask him if it would be possible to devise a collar or something to increase our capacity by 20- 25 gallons or so?
We had just enough wort for all members who wanted it. maybe we should look at at increasing volume in some way.

Again, Thanks to everyone. The munchies were great as was the beer. Clearly you brought out your best.

C    Y A


MARCH 2013


few of us got together tonight at the moon. Loved the Odells chocolate  imperial creme stout. Found something very unusual at Beertopia.  A Bass IPA. I had heard they were doing one based on their old recipe but had never seen it. Green label, says historically based , adjusted to modern malts.  6% ETOH  which i would think would be a bit low historically. Anyway I'm looking forward trying this one Sat AM.

 Have changed BB plan to fit in with our discussions. Could still increase the percentage of carapils if we wanted.



We had a nice turnout with 14 members attending .Lots of RIS versions that were all nice. Amazing the differences just from yeast choice and fermentation conditions.