We had a great meeting on  the 25th at Damian's home.  Thanks Damian, for hosting, for sharing your great home, and for providing the tasty chili !!

Chris had an agenda and we discussed many of the items the club hopes to proceed on this year.  The club meetings and events will require some coordination, so all members are urged to pick something of interest and pitch in.

BIG BREW: It was decided that Spring Big Brew will include about 8-9% melanoidin to better approximate a decoction mash.

EDUCATION: We discussed some additional educational activites.  This would include club members sharing their knowledge and techniques, and hooking up with local professional brewers to get their ideas and best processes.

LOCAL EVENTS: We discussed participating in local homebrew events.  The events tentatively selected are listed in the calendar below.  Each event will require a volunteer to help lead the coordination.  We discussed building a jockey box; Elliott said he could borrow one from the Moon, so we will take that route.  Members approved the purchase of a new banner with the club logo for use at these events, with a budget of around $50.

BJCP EXAM: There is interest in a study group for the BJCP exam in January 2016. 

There were some commercial beers sampled, several funky ones from Damian including pretzel wheat, chocolate, vanilla and bourbon.  Damian also had some good homebrew, a honey brown and wheat.  Sam had a nice wee heavy, Chip had a Pliny the toddler session IPA and a Pete's pilsner, Elliot and Dave had some beers from a previous Big Brew and a nice lager, Floyd had a milk stout and a kolsch big brew, Duane had a CAP and a belgian pale (I think I got these all right and apologize if I missed or scrambled something)

OMAHOPS 2015 CALENDAR -- (Look through the schedule of events and see where you can possibly help out.)

Volunteer Coordinators – you will be charged with making contacts as required and coordinating.





 Club Monthly Meeting

Damian Howard


 Nebraska Brewing – barrel aging

<need volunteer>


 Big Brew – SPRING

Kent Porter


 BIG BREW Education event

<need volunteer>


  Benson Beer Fest

Tom Hawk


 Sensory Special – hop teas or malt teas

<need volunteer>


 July – time out -- go take a vacation



 Trip to Rynalds or Baumans hop farm to get fresh wet hops – Presentation on Hop Farming

Duane Miller


  Great Nebraska Beer Fest

<need volunteer>


 September – mini mash

<need volunteer>


 Cider trip – cider how to.

<need volunteer>


  Big Brew – FALL

Tom Hawk


 BIG BREW Education event

<need volunteer>


  Scriptown – the transfer of homebrew techniques; important vs not important.

<need volunteer>


  Omaha Unified Coalition of Homebrewers

<need volunteer>


 December  9 –  Holiday beer exchange

<need volunteer>


 BJCP Study Group

<need volunteer>