MARCH 2014  meeting notes
Meeting notes for OmaHops Homebrew Club 3-28-14
A group of us met at Elliott Spilker's home for our March meeting last Friday night.  If you weren't there, you missed some great made-from-scratch sloppy Joe's Elliott concocted.  He also pulled out his kegs of Dmitri's Revenge and last Spring's Big Brew.  Kent shared his Kolsch and  Fall Big Brew Porter.  Chris Masek brought his Coconut Porter, Alaskan Amber clone and a Helles.  Damian provided a cider.  Brian poured his Big Brew Porter fermented as a lager.   Tom shared his combinations of beer and whisky with a Scotch Scotch Ale and a Scotch Porter.  We also had a chance to sample Elliott's experimental liqueurs. 
We made an executive decision to brew a Kolsch for the Spring Big Brew, using German Pilsner and Vienna malts with Magnum and Hallertauer hops.  <masher/worttaker>. We also agreed on the standard club fee.  The grain for the Fall Big Brew will be purchased in the Fall if necessary.
We will have a table at the Benson Beerfest on Saturday June 7.  We need at least four brewers to provide 5 gallons each of homebrew.  Craig Bates volunteered on the Facebook page, Tom Hawk also volunteered and Elliott can provide a keg, as will Chris Miller who will also bring the OmaHops banner.  We don't have to stop at four if others would like to volunteer or several people could provide bottles of quality homebrew.  Also, we should have a whiteboard or a chalkboard to list the beers we will be serving.
 Here's the latest update on brewers for the 12 Beers of Christmas. Let's plan on exchanging at the Fall Big Brew.
Steve Freeman- Caramel Quad and Juniper Rye Bock
Duane Miller- Spiced Cherry Dubbel
Kent Porter- Spiced Dunkel Weizenbock
Chris Miller-Fruitcake Old Ale
Sam- Saffron Tripel
Jose- Honey Ginger IPA
Brian- Gingerbread Ale
Chris Masek- Spiced Bourbon Stout
Damian- Abbey Weizen
Floyd- St. Arnold's Christmas Ale
We still need one more to make 12, we could go over. The remaining beers from 2 Mosher articles include: Christmas Gruit, Crabapple Lambicky Ale, Pumpkin Barleywine, Cocoa Export Porter, Dark White Beer.
Next month’s meeting will be the Spring Big Brew at Kent Porter's home, beginning at noon on April 26.